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Saturday Night Outfit: Glam Aztec

I took some photos while I was getting ready tonight and thought I’d write a quick blog post before I head out!

I’ve called this outfit ‘Glam Aztec’ as the skirt is aztec print but I’ve glammed it up with some sparkling accessories and some funky shoulders!

My skirt is from Karen Millen, top is Debenhams and t-bar heels are Ted Baker. My necklace is a little Primark bargain and my bracelets are from River Island.

So I could show off the shoulders on my top, I’ve worn my hair in a dressy ponytail. To get this look, I rough dried my hair and tonged the ends. I then swept my hair back into a smooth high ponytail and secured with a hair elastic. I took a small (about one centimetre thick) strand of hair from the base of my ponytail and wrapped it around the elastic and secured with a kirby grip to give my hair a polished finish.

And of course, I can’t forget the most important Saturday night accessory of all…

Have a great night whatever you are up to!

Casual Friday: Pink Denim

I’m loving coloured denim at the moment so for casual Friday yesterday I thought I’d break out my pink jeans.


Pink denim by Salt Works Jeans @TK Maxx, Bird Print top by Warehouse.

I pared them with is cute bird print tee from Warehouse, and my old faithful brown ballet pumps from Faith:


These are ancient and battered but so comfy and seem to go with everything!

I finished off the look with seventies style tousled waves…


…and for a touch of movie star glamour, a pink chiffon scarf from Oasis.


What’s your casual Friday style?

Oh My Gloss!

I have found a miracle hair care product and I just had to share it with you! It is Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner.

This is from Dove’s Hair Therapy range and I must agree, it really is great for you hair! I used to have bleach blonde highlights which made my hair brittle and straw like. I coloured my hair brown with a home colourant to give my hair a rest from the bleach, however I found that the hair dye made my hair quite static. I have been searching for a conditioner which would sort out these two ailments – dry, brittle hair and static flyaways. This has done it! The conditioner itself comes out of the bottle with two ‘stripes’ – one white and one gold:

The bottle states the white stripe is a ‘conditioner that seals cuticles to lock in nourishment and smooth frizz’. The gold stripe claims to be a ‘weightless Nutri-Oil treatment to deeply nourish and replenish essential nutrients leaving NO GREASINESS’.

Well this is the end result. My hair is glossy, shiny, smooth and manageable without being weighed downed or greasy. I am so pleased and this is definitely my new favorite conditioner!