My Magic (Lip) Wand

As you may remember me mentioning in this post, I am a big fan of Maybelline Superstay24 lip colour! It lasts for hours – you can eat and drink all night and the colour wont budge! The balm adds just the right amount of gloss and keeps your lips feeling soft and moisturised.

I currently own it in four colours.

The lip colour is dual ended, with the colour at one end, and a glossy, clear balm at the other end.

The colours I have are (from left to right): Magical Merlot (280), Wildberry (260), Plum Seduction (240) and Raspberry (195).

I have swatched each of the colours on the back of my hand and have photographed them in natural light to try to give you the best idea of the true colours.

L to R: Magical Merlot (280), Wildberry (260), Plum Seduction (240) and Raspberry (195).

Magical Merlot and Plum Seduction are slightly glittery, Wildberry is a matt colour, and Rasberry is slightly shimmery. The real test, of course, is how they look on your lips!

Clockwise from top left: Magical Merlot (280), Wildberry (260), Plum Seduction (240) and Raspberry (195).

For me, Magical Merlot is the most natural looking colour and as the glitter is subtle it could be worn during the day. Wildberry has very purplish tones and gives a nice strong coverage. Plum Seduction is a very bright, glossy pink and reminds me a little of Barbie! It is a fun, feminine colour though and would look great with the right eye make-up. Lastly is Raspberry, which is my favourite – the colour is strong and vibrant and perfect for a night out!

Would you wear any of these shades? The full range can be seen by clicking here. I think I will need to add ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Fire Garnet’ to my collection next!

Shhhh, a little tip…as this colour is stay-on, it can be pretty tricky to remove. Speaking from my own experience, I have found the best way is to apply a generous amount of trusty Vaseline over the lip colour, leave it on for a couple of minutes, then wipe with a tissue. And voila, clean, soft lips with no scrubbing!


4 thoughts on “My Magic (Lip) Wand

  1. I’ve been struggling with lip tints ( I got the lip tint pen from max factor and it dried up after 6 applications ( less then a month after I bought it) 😦 and I find they don’t last much and dry my lips…Do you think the one you’ve recommended from maybelline could do the trick??

    • In my experience these ones last pretty well, I have had the Mulberry one for at least a couple of years now and it is slightly thick but definitely still wearable (there isn’t much of it left though!) 🙂 The balm is so moisturising – I think that if you applied it every couple of hours it would keep your lips nice and moisturised! ♥

  2. thanks for this post! I’ve been wondering what their staying power was like and could never decide which colour to get because they looked so similar when swatched on my hand! And I’m too embarrassed to put it on my lips in the drugstore haha.. I think after seeing this post I’ll go for Magical Merlot! thanks for the help! ^^

    • Hi! You’re welcome – so glad it has helped you choose a shade! 🙂 It is a fab lip colour as once it is applied you can kinda forget about it and just apply the balm every so often! Hope you love it as much as me! ♥

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